Frequently Asked Questions

Our team can provide professional cleaning services for offices, medical facilities, apartment complexes, schools, churches, call centers, post construction situations, and more. We specialize in both fire and water restoration services as well.

Cross contamination is when germs are spread from one facility to a different one. For example, if you used a mop to clean something in one room and then used that same mop in the kitchen without cleaning it first, you could very well spread those germs from the restroom to the kitchen. It’s important to hire a cleaning company that is aware of the dangers of cross contamination.

There isn’t a direct answer to this question because cleaning will depend on the needs of your commercial space. Depending on the type of facility you own, our cleaning services will typically include dusting and wiping, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, trash removal, and more. Our team also specializes in fire and water restoration.

Quite simply you don’t pay. We offer a “Happy or it’s free guarantee”. If we aren’t cleaning what we agreed to clean, why should you pay? Feel free to ask us more about how this works.

Yes we do. Barring holidays or illness, you will have the same cleaner all the time. This gives you the consistency you would be looking for in a cleaning company.

While some commercial facilities may need more imperative cleaning services, such as a medical facility, it’s typical that most commercial facilities should receive routine cleaning services. That way, your business will boast a more professional and clean environment. Additionally, there are a variety of specific cleaning protocols for different kinds of facilities.

The insured and bonded employees at Clean MD undergo background checks and extensive training before setting foot in your commercial space. Our team takes pride in providing the best cleaning services possible for your facility.

No we do not. If we do a good job, you will keep us as your cleaner. If we do not, we don’t think we deserve to stay. Lock in contracts breed complacency and to be quite honest, we can’t grow our business with that attitude. All of our cleaners know that in order to keep your cleaning work, they need to do a quality job every time.

We do both. The majority of our cleans are at night time or weekends. That’s just what most of our clients prefer. However day cleaning is also fine.

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